What i have learned from my dads life and advice

Hey Dads, We Need to Talk Hey Dads, I want you to think for a second about the way you talk to your daughter or the way your husband talks to your daughter when she is practicing or playing a game. Is it in a good tone? Now think for a second more. Are you being honest with yourself and is how you think you are talking to your daughter the actual way?

What i have learned from my dads life and advice

Thank you for reading Budgets Arrghh Sexy! We plan to do the same with our kid s.

Freaky Frugal December 1, at 7: I was also fortunate to be born into a family of frugal parents. They helped me create lifelong habits of frugality. I also had an uncle and brother-in-law who started businesses and became FI at an early age. My Dad to decided to retire a little early at I FIREd at Reply 4 Tawcan December 1, at Congrats on your FIRE!

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One under consideration is to retire early. Still working out the numbers but a multi unit property combined with some dividend, p2p investing and other side income may be the path we decide to take… Early retirement takes many shapes.

What i have learned from my dads life and advice

It would certainly be great to be able to be a stay at home dad for my boys! Reply 6 Tawcan December 1, at Money December 6, at 2: Money Supply December 1, at 7: I was intrigued by 2: What are your thoughts on this?

Openly discuss finances has been such valuable lesson for me. Reply 10 Elizabeth December 3, at But we have all been open with each other about investing strategies and money our whole lives.

Take things one step at a time and everything else will fall into place.

I learned about Roth IRAs as a teen and instructed my siblings to all open one too. My dad was a landlord and we helped at his properties growing up on occasion. These small conversations over time contribute to a huge and very valuable transfer of knowledge.

Reply 11 Tawcan December 3, at 7: We need more of this kind of open discussion. Frugal Asian Finance December 1, at 7: I too am intrigued by this concept.

What i have learned from my dads life and advice

The combinations for lifestyle enhancement are endless. Be it health, diet, learning, development, volunteering, relationships…. Becoming FIRE in whatever flavor you choose can give you the opportunity to improve your life in one or all of these aspects.Although I did learn many things from my dad, I have found myself at times over the past twelve years or so since he died, especially in the past eight since becoming a father myself, hanging onto this “story” that my dad didn’t teach me a lot of things that I wish I’d learned about life, manhood, marriage, fatherhood, and more.

A great book for dads to be. Funny, useful and smart.

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A big change from "Dude, you are going to be dad". This one is actualy for men who want to take care of their kid and not just avoid nagging. Christine is married to her best friend, Ray, and together they have seven very active children, ages 6 to (Yes, they are all theirs!) She’s a busy mama, spending most of .

Father’s Day is always a little bittersweet for me. A holiday that reminds me of what I no longer have and everything I have missed over the last thirty years, and yet it is filled with great joy, excitement and the making of new memories now that we have children of our own..

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I love sharing stories with my children about their grandpa, and what I remember most about him, other than his. Thank you for putting into words what I feel but sometimes have a hard time expressing this to friends and family.

My daughter died four years ago and I have begun to live an active life again. Oct 08,  · It's been two years since my father passed away from cancer (Read: "For My Father"), and it was the hardest time that I have ever experienced in my life.

At 24, I was completely lost, unable to express what had just happened to my family, and refused to allow the process of healing begin by closing myself off from everyone around me.

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