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Thanks to a key decision and the determination to follow through on it, Kansas City, Missouri-based Mallin Cos. Larry Mallin decided in the mids that it was time for wire processing to move beyond techniques that involved burning off the plastic coatings. This not only provided a bright future for the family business doing wellit also helped usher in an era of environmental responsibility in the handling of these scrap materials thus, doing good. At that time, Kansas City was in a state of hyper growth, its population rising from less thanpeople in toin —a 60 percent jump in two decades.

Surecut final edit

Of course our heads are swimming with ideas, and this weekend I decided to come up with an invitation design I thought she might like. I tried to make the invitation elegant while keeping it affordable and easy to make.

Obviously you can use whatever colors you like, to match your wedding theme. In my case, the black will be the outer wrapping and the cream will be where the invitation details are printed.

You can use your favorite text editing software to design your invitation details and print it onto the cream cardstock so that there are two copies of the text, sideways. It has a little wire that runs along the cutting track, above the paper, that shows you EXACTLY where your cut will be when you swipe the blade.

Using a ruler for extra support, use a bone folder to score Surecut final edit black on either side of the cream. Fold over each flap and use the bone folder to make the crease nice and smooth. I love this little pop of color. Be sure that when you print your invitation details on the cream liner that the text does not extend into this area that shows through the seam.

Surecut final edit

Flip the invitation over and wrap a coordinating ribbon around I used a deep red grosgrain. Seal the band on the back with some very strong double-sided tape.

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The double-sided tape sheets we sell in our Amazon store work great for this. As a final accent on the front, I cut out a design out of the cream cardstock using my Silhouette electronic cutter. Think about it… your logo, your initials, your names, a butterfly, a heart, etc… Anyone who has ever seen a wedding invitation knows that you need more in the envelope than just the invitation, so I wanted to also make a smaller card to match.

This smaller card can be used for RSVP cards, directions, or any additional information. Beyond the invitation, it could also be used for place cards at the reception or thank you cards after the event. Glue or tape it the cream in place, centering it on the black.

Then line up the same red ribbon along one side and use a little glue or tape to hold it in place. Flip the card over and attach the ends of the ribbon.

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Flip it back to the front and put another flourish on the ribbon to finish it off. I really hope the bride likes it enough to use it. Even though that means Jo and I will end up making hundreds of them!

And to show you just how easy it is to customize this invitation to any color or design, I made another one with a bright green floral theme.

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This time, I used paper for the band instead of ribbon.Sep 30,  · ★★★New Deal Surecut Led Rotary Trimmer - ☀ Lowest Price Surecut Led Rotary Trimmer Discount.

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It also supports Hypertherm SureCut™ technology, including easy setup, optimized process parameters, and easy trouble shooting.

*Microsoft Excel or later is recommended for editing ProNest settings spreadsheets .xls). If Microsoft Excel is not available, a similar spreadsheet Want to try the software before making a final.

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SureCut Shears is a household scissors and industrial shears manufacturer. The products were distributed by wholesalers throughout the US to speciality hardware and department stores while cheaper products distributed.

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