Selecting employees to fit the job

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Selecting employees to fit the job

The wrong hire can be costly, while the right hire can be buried under an ever-growing stack of CVs.

Selecting employees to fit the job

With SMEs expected to take on half a million new employees this yeartime-poor business owners need to know how best to identify candidates that will fit with their business and how to make the process more efficient.

Here are four top tips: Be honest in job adverts The wording used on job adverts can help reduce the number of unsuitable applicants, says Simon Meredith, managing director of Freight First.

The company has 35 staff after recently adding four new hires. Dr Jill Miller, research adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, advises employers to consider how particular groups of candidates can be targeted.

This might mean posting a job that requires an engineering degree with a local university, rather than using a generic jobs board. Businesses can tap into their social media following, which often includes incredibly relevant candidates.

In theory, recruitment agencies can provide a shortlist of interview-ready candidates who are perfect for the job. This helps ensure they understand your business and its ethos, and how best to sell it to potential candidates, says Miller at CIPD. Delegate the sifting process Line managers can help sift CVs, reducing the strain on business owners.

For the last marketing position there were applications, a shortlist of 10 he had to assess, five interviews and one hire. However, some are sceptical about the effectiveness of CVs. Lawrence at Paramount Properties believes that attitude is more important than experience.

Selecting employees to fit the job

Miller is a proponent of including extra questions to help identify whether candidates are going to fit with the business. She suggests asking for examples of team work, hobbies or a difficult conversation candidates have had to deal with. Screening can include specific requirements, such as Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

Jobs boards normally offer the facility, and it can be built into company websites relatively easily. In addition, sites such as Monster will search CVs to intelligently rank them by key words, helping to sift and prioritise applicants.

You will be confident, pretty awesome, willing to work hard and have a giggle. Our standards are high, but we like to enjoy our working day too.

These have become more common and it can be a great way to find entrepreneurial candidates. The tactics small businesses use to recruit vary depending on the ethos of the person doing the hiring and the industry they operate in.

That said, the importance of employee fit and making sure recruitment is more than a knee-jerk reaction to business expansion seem unanimous. Carefully wording job advertisements, including additional questions, updating company websites, making time for speculative applicants and using recruitment agencies can help ensure SMEs identify the best candidates and make the process more efficient.The employee may have the skills to do the job, but appears to be the wrong fit for the organization.

This is likely due to a mismatch with the corporate culture. You could invest in a coach for this person and hope things change. Realistic Job Previews. A Realistic Job Preview (RJP) is a recruiting tool used to communicate both the good and bad aspects of a job.

Essentially, it is used to provide a prospective employee a realistic view of what the job entails. Hiring always is about selecting the right person with the knowledge, skills and ability to perform the job.

However, not all hires are successful and a major reason is the new employee is not a good fit for the organization or the job.

Avoid staff turnover – choose the right person for the job

By proactively developing a list of ideal fit characteristics that go beyond the job description, and maximizing opportunities to learn more about candidates through formal and informal interactions, you can have greater confidence in finding the right senior manager for your organization.

Abstract. Using a concurrent validation strategy, we examine the incremental value of a measure of actual person-organization fit (P-O fit) as a selection tool beyond cognitive ability for predicting continued length of service and performance for call center agents, a job with historically high turnover.

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