Sample action research papers in education

Literature Review The purpose of this literature review section is to examine the work of other scholars in regard to this topic area.

Sample action research papers in education

Good teaching is a very personal manner. Effective teaching is concerned with the student as a person and with his general development. It is always a fact that as educators, we play varied and vital roles in the classroom.


Teachers are considered the light in the classroom. We are entrusted with so many responsibilities that range from the very simple to most complex and very challenging jobs.

Sample action research papers in education

Everyday we encounter them as part of the work or mission that we are in. It is very necessary that we need to understand the need to be motivated in doing our work well, so as to have motivated learners in the classroom. When students are motivated, then learning will easily take place.

However, motivating students to learn requires a very challenging role on the part of the teacher. It requires a variety of teaching styles or techniques just to capture students' interests. Above all, the teacher must himself come into possession of adequate knowledge of the objectives and standards of the curriculum, skills in teaching, interests, appreciation and ideals.

He needs to exert effort to lead children or students into a life that is large, full, stimulating and satisfying.

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Some students seem naturally enthusiastic about learning, but many need or expect their instructors or teachers to inspire, challenge or stimulate them.

Not all students are motivated by the same values, needs, desires and wants. Some students are motivated by the approval of others or by overcoming challenges. Teachers must recognize the diversity and complexity in the classroom, be it the ethnicity, gender, culture, language abilities and interests.

Getting students to work and learn in class is largely influenced in all these areas. Classroom diversity exists not only among students and their peers but may be also exacerbated by language and cultural differences between teachers and students.

Sincemany foreign professional teachers, particularly from the Philippines, came to New York City to teach with little knowledge of American school settings. Filipino teachers have distinct styles and expressions of teaching.

However, many Filipino teachers encountered many difficulties in teaching in NYC public schools. Some of these problems may be attributed to: As has been said, what happens in the classroom depends on the teacher's ability to maintain students' interests.

Thus, teachers play a vital role in effecting classroom changes. As stressed in the Educator's Diary published in"teaching takes place only when learning does. Although we might think of other factors, however, emphasis has been geared towards the effect of teacher's teaching style and student motivation.

If teacher's teaching style would fit in a class and is used consistently, then students are motivated to learn. Purpose of the Study The main thrust of the study was to find out the effect of the teacher's teaching style on students' motivation. Action Research Questions This paper attempted to answer specific questions such as: How does teacher's teaching style affect students' motivation?

What could be some categories that make one's teaching style effective in motivating students? The researchers used questionnaires, observations, interviews, students' class work and other student outputs for this study.

The questionnaires were administered before and after ESL strategies were applied. Student interviews were done informally before, during, and after classes.quality help with action research paper writing.

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Masters of Arts in Education Action Research Papers. Follow Social-Emotional Learning in Pre-Primary and Primary Education, Jillian R. Larson, Paige A. Larson, and Anna Marie C. Wiatros. PDF. The Effect of Nature Work in a Primary-Aged Montessori Environment, Dorothy R.

Lerma. PDF. Sample Action Research courtesy of Sir Kenneth D. Hernandez,CAR-PhD. (Admin TeacherPH Facebook Group) Download Sample Action Research About Education .docx) – Available in our Facebook Group Files.

Happy Bonuses to Enjoy When Buying College Term Papers On the Web. . The main thrust of the study was to find out the effect of the teacher's teaching style on students' motivation. Action Research Questions This paper attempted to answer specific questions such as: 1.

"Action research is inquiry or research in the context of focused efforts to improve the quality of an organization and its performance. It typically is designed and conducted by practitioners who analyze the data to improve their own practice.

Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) as a Way of Reducing Mathematics Anxiety by Mharfe Macatiog Micaroz An Action Research presented in partial fulfillment of the course Math 18 College of Teacher Education Um Tagum College Jan. 17, Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction.

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