Republic act 7836 philippine teachers professionalization

Teachers are defined in this presidential decree in a broad way. In here, the examination is composed of written test and the scope is not clearly stated.

Republic act 7836 philippine teachers professionalization

For this purpose, the State shall create a f unctional basic education system that will develop productive and responsible citizens equipped with the essential competencies, skills and values f or both lif e-long learning and employment.

In order to achieve this, the State shall: It encompasses kindergarten, elementary and secondary education as well as alternative learning systems f or out-of -school learners and those with special needs. Enhanced Basic Education Program. Secondary education includes f our 4 years of junior high school and two 2 years of senior high school education.

Kindergarten education shall mean one 1 year of preparatory education f or children at least f ive 5 years old as a prerequisite f or Grade I.

Republic act 7836 philippine teachers professionalization

Elementary education ref ers to the second stage of compulsory basic education which is composed of six 6 years. The entrant age to this level is typically six 6 years old. Secondary education ref ers to the third stage of compulsory basic education. It consists of f our 4 years of junior high school education and two 2 years of senior high school education.

The entrant age to the junior and senior high school levels are typically twelve 12 and sixteen 16 years old, respectively. Basic education shall be delivered in languages understood by the learners as the language plays a strategic role in shaping the f ormative years of learners.

For kindergarten and the f irst three 3 years of elementary education, instruction, teaching materials and assessment shall be in the regional or native language of the learners. The Department of Education DepED shall f ormulate a mother language transition program f rom Grade 4 to Grade 6 so that Filipino and English shall be gradually introduced as languages of instruction until such time when these two 2 languages can become the primary languages of instruction at the secondary level.

This includes Filipino sign language used by individuals with pertinent disabilities. The regional or native language ref ers to the traditional speech variety or variety of Filipino sign language existing in a region, area or place.

It shall work with the Commission on Higher Education CHED to craf t harmonized basic and tertiary curricula f or the global competitiveness of Filipino graduates. To achieve an ef f ective enhanced basic education curriculum, the DepED shall undertake consultations with other national government agencies and other stakeholders including, but not limited to, the Department of Labor and Employment DOLEthe Prof essional Regulation Commission PRCthe private and public schools associations, the national student organizations, the national teacher organizations, the parents-teachers associations and the chambers of commerce on matters af f ecting the concerned stakeholders.

The DepED shall adhere to the f ollowing standards and principles in developing the enhanced basic education curriculum: The production and development of locally produced teaching materials shall be encouraged and approval of these materials shall devolve to the regional and division education units.

The consultative committee shall oversee the review and evaluation on the implementation of the basic education curriculum and may recommend to the DepED the f ormulation of necessary ref inements in the curriculum.

Teacher Education and Training. The DepED shall ensure that private education institutions shall be given the opportunity to avail of such training. Duly recognized organizations acting as TEIs, in coordination with the DepED, the CHED, and other relevant stakeholders, shall ensure that the curriculum of these organizations meet the necessary quality standards f or trained teachers.

Hencef orth, such prof essional development programs as those stated above shall be initiated and conducted regularly throughout the school year to ensure constant upgrading of teacher skills.

Qualif ied LET applicants shall also include graduates admitted by foundations duly recognized f or their expertise in the education sector and who satisf actorily complete the requirements set by these organizations: Provided, That they pass the LET within f ive 5 years af ter their date of hiring: Provided, further, That if such graduates are willing to teach on part-time basis, the provisions of LET shall no longer be required; b Graduates of technical-vocational courses to teach in their specialized subjects in the secondary education: Provided, further, That they undergo appropriate in-service training to be administered by the DepED or higher education institutions HEIs at the expense of the DepED; c Faculty of HEIs be allowed to teach in their general education or subject specialties in the secondary education: For this purpose, the DepED, in coordination with the appropriate government agencies, shall determine the necessary qualif ication standards in hiring these experts.

Career Guidance and Counselling Advocacy. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 27 of Republic Act No. Thereaf ter, the amount necessary f or the continued implementation of the enhanced basic education program shall be included in the annual General Appropriations Act.Sep 28,  · republic act no.

It strengthen the regulation and supervision of the practice and teaching in the Philippines and prescribing a licensure examination for teachers and for other purposes. This republic act made the definition of teachers clear and brief.

Republic Act No. Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of Important terms and their definition Article I Section 4 known as “Definition of Terms”.

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Republic Act No. another law on teacher’s professionalization namely RA No. Known as the “Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of ” was enacted. The Act created by the Board for Professional Teachers.

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Professional Regulation Commission gives Licensure Examination for Teachers . Jul 09,  · In the case of the Philippines, this is enshrined in R.A.

– Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of When this accountability is shared by teachers, educational institutions and government, the aims of CPD are truly met.

What is Republic act ? “An act amending certain sections of RA otherwise known as the “Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of” Section 1. RA Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of pdf.

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The Teaching Profession: Chapter Four -The Professionalization of Teaching