Reducing noise pollution

We can take three kinds of measures to control noise pollution:

Reducing noise pollution

Noise pollution can negatively impact the body in significant waysincluding elevated blood pressure, impaired cognitive functioning, cardiovascular and psychophysiological effects, cause heart attacksreduce performance, provoke annoyance responses and changes in social behaviour and other effects of chronic stress.

Noise pollution can come from many sources, such as automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, ships, trucks, buses, jet planes, construction equipment, electrical machinery, lawn mowers and leaf blowers, to name a few.

To achieve this effect, the species and the planting design must be chosen carefully. A diversity tree species, with a range of foliage shapes and sizes within the noise buffer may also improve noise reduction.

Foliage of the plants should persist from the ground up. A combination of shrubs and trees may be necessary to achieve this effect. Evergreen varieties that retain their leaves will give better year-round protection.

When possible use taller plants. Where the use of tall trees is restricted, use combinations of shorter shrubs and tall grass or similar soft ground cover as opposed to harder paved surfaces.

By drowning out distracting and unwelcoming sounds from a noisy environment with your own beneficial sources of noise, you can lessen the impact of the other noise, improve your mood, boost your immunitycalm your physiology or energize yourself.

Decorate With and Use Soft Furnishings, such as rugs, carpets and wall hangings, which reduce sound, whereas, hard, non-porous surfaces reflect sound. Pressure Your Government or City to Begin Regulating Noise - There are many large-scale steps that can be taken to reduce noise pollution, such as improving infrastructure through low-noise road surfacesroad surface maintenancelow-noise tracks for tramsrailway and tram depotsnoise screens and tunnels and building insulation and improving traffic management by reducing and enforcing speed limitshumps and cushionschicanesredesigning street spacejunction designcalming green wavesreducing traffic volume and placing bans on trucks.

Discover More Measures to Tackle Noise. Install Double-Paned Windows and Weather Stripping - If you live in a noisy city, near an airport or by rail road tracks, you can reduce the noise pollution entering your home considerably by installing dual-paned windows and weather stripping your home, which also provides added insulation and saves you money by reducing your heating and cooling bills.

According to Purdue Universitychildren from noisier homes suffer the effects of home noise pollution, which include less cognitive growth, delayed language skills, increased anxiety and impaired resilience. Hopefully, in return, your neighbor will do the same. Yoga helps on many different levels to benefit your health and relieve stress by combining meditation, breathing and exercise as an all-in-one package that leaves noise pollution in the dust.

Place Padding Under Noisy Equipment, such as blenders.How to Control Noise pollution (Ways to reduce noise pollution) The presence of high-intensity undesirable sound or noise in the atmosphere is called “noise pollution” that has extremely harmful effect on the environment.

We can take three kinds of measures to control noise pollution: preventive, curative and awareness-building measures. Noise reduction measures, such as noise walls, are generally considered when the noise level is predicted to be 66 decibels or more – about the level of noise from a normal conversation from 3 feet away.

This is the level at which most people tend to have to raise their voice to be heard. Noise pollution isn’t always recognized as the major issue it is.

Reducing noise pollution

Some noisemakers such as highways, construction sites and airport runways are obvious, and steps such as erecting sounds barriers are taken as a matter of course. Top 10 Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Open Office. porcelain and ceramic can wreak havoc within a work setting due to the massive amount of noise pollution they create.

How to Reduce Noise Pollution?

Well-placed plants have proven effective in reducing noise levels in an open office setting. The larger the plant the bigger the impact, not to mention the obvious.

There are some really important things individuals and societies can do to minimise noise pollution.

Let us find out more here. Controlling Noise on Construction Sites Controlling Construction Noise Controlling construction noise can pose special problems for contractors. Unlike general An effective way of reducing noise is to locate noisy equipment behind purpose-built barriers.

The barriers can be constructed on the work site from common construction.

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