Promoting the upgrading of china industrial

The first story is about YOFC. However, like other new high-tech enterprises in China, YOFC has also gone through the growing pains of exchanging market for technology. New model of intelligent manufacturing of optical fibers and cables As the leading enterprise of global optical fiber and cable industry, YOFC has, over the years been exploring the construction of smart factory and the establishment of a complete set of smart factory solutions of the optical fiber and cable industry.

Promoting the upgrading of china industrial

These guidelines aim to be suggestions instead of administrative requirements, endowing the market a bigger role in resource allocation, and calling for joint efforts by the government, enterprises, research institutes and universities as well as financial institutions. In a written instruction last year, the Premier called for the lowering of the threshold for market access, the better allocation of resources and reduced costs for the development of advanced manufacturing industries.

Promoting the upgrading of china industrial

At a State Council executive meeting on April 6, the Premier said efforts should be made to boost consumer confidence in domestically-made products and promote the international competitiveness of manufacturing industries by improving quality and efficiency.

The Premier also had manufacturing enterprises at the top of his schedule during each of his inspection tours to regions such as Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenzhen last year. Also in Tianjin, the Premier lifted a smart bicycle made from carbon fiber and took it for a test ride at a Flying Pigeon experience store, which features year-old brands.

Smart manufacturing can help tackle challenges when the country faces downward pressure on economic growth and slowing private investment, he added. Huang said the nation should deplete all high-polluting and high-emission production capacity while promoting smart manufacturing and other subsectors mentioned in the guidelines.

Guan Xiyou, former chairman of the board of directors of Shenyang Machine Tools Group in Liaoning province, said in July that the company received 20, orders for smart machine tools last year, double that of its annual production capacity. He resigned last month. The company has decided to invest more on the production of new machine tools, which are now the most popular product, said Guan.industrial sectors and the lag in upgrading the internal make-up of each sector.

The main direction for adjustment lies in curbing excessive expansion of secondary industry and speeding up the development of tertiary industry, while at the same time promoting the internal structural upgrading of each industrial sector, especially manufacturing. tion and industrial upgrading, we take manufacture industry as the example to make a empirical test for China’s OFDI and industrial upgrading.

Construction of Manufacturing Industrial Upgrading Index Industrial upgrading is a dynamic process of economic activity transformation. (DRC) and the OECD focuses on how to better align industrial and environmental policies in China, with the aim of simultaneously promoting industrial restructuring, addressing challenges arising from the “New Productive Revolution” while improving environmental and resource efficiency of the economy.

China’s twelfth five-year economic plan marks a shift in emphasis from high growth to the quality, balance and sustainability of that growth.

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In order to achieve success, the country must face momentous obstacles in short-term macroeconomic management and the longer-term structural transformation of the economy. Promoting the upgrading of china industrial. China’s twelfth five-year economic plan china’s approach to economic development and industrial china’s approach to economic development and.

China introduced the made in china plan on may 19, , to keep pace with the new industrial revolution, and for upgrading and transforming its.

Promoting the upgrading of china industrial

Industrial upgrading for green growth in China: Thematic focus on environment. The project jointly conducted by the Development Research Centre of the State Council of China (DRC) and the OECD focuses on how to better align industrial and environmental policies in China, with the aim of simultaneously promoting industrial restructuring.

Optimizing and Upgrading Industrial Structure