Market segmentation research papers

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Market segmentation research papers

The NBER Labor Studies Program Market segmentation research papers at issues of employment and compensation, including the determinants of unemployment, the effects of labor unions, and the role of fringe benefits as part of a worker's compensation.

The range of topics and expertise is stunning: This summer we will add a new joint session with Development Economics. In this report I briefly summarize some of the main themes emerging from recent work by LS affiliates in three areas: These topics barely scratch the surface of the vast body of work by LS affiliates, but give a flavor of some of the emerging ideas and latest techniques in the field.

Immigration Over the past three decades, Labor Studies researchers have produced a series of major NBER research volumes on the economics of immigration Abowd and Freeman, ; Borjas and Freeman, ; Borjas, ; and Borjas as well as many influential articles.

This work continues with a focus on several new issues related to immigration. One such issue relates to the growing importance of immigrants in the science and engineering workforce of the United States, particularly at the doctoral level, where immigrants now make up about one-half of all newly awarded Ph.

John Bound, Sarah Turner, and Patrick Walsh point out that this has been driven in part by the rapid rise in the production of bachelors' degrees outside the United States, and they document its impact on the demand for advanced training inside the United States.

Jeffrey Grogger and Gordon Hanson use data from the Survey of Earned Doctorates to study the determinants of which foreign-born students intend to stay in the United States.

They find that the United States attracts the most talented foreign students, and they also show how changing economic conditions in sending countries affect the decision to stay.

Using a unique survey of authors of recent scientific publications, Paula Stephan, Chiara Franzoni, and Giuseppe Scellato find that high prestige of the program or job and strong career prospects are the major factors driving the decisions of Ph.

The impact of these foreign born scientists, engineers, and other highly trained workers is the subject of several recent studies.

William Kerr and William Lincoln use data from the H-1B visa program to study the city-level and firm-level impacts of foreign-born science and engineering workers.

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While a traditional concern is that the foreign-born tend to crowd out natives, their analysis suggests that the opposite may be true, in part because of the direct employment contribution of foreign born inventors. Their analysis of publications and career mobility suggests that, in the case of advanced-level mathematics, the "pie" is essentially fixed, with no positive spillovers for native scholars.

Another emerging strand of research by LS members focuses on the broader impacts of immigration flows on local and national economies. Frederic Docquier, Caglar Ozden, and Giovanni Peri use new data on labor force stocks and migration flows by education level for OECD countries, combined with detailed models of the labor markets in each country, to simulate impacts of population movements on a country-by-country basis.

They conclude that immigration has been a net positive factor for workers in most countries. Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn similarly review the effects of immigration on the overall distribution of incomes in the United States and other major countries.

They conclude that the presence of immigrants has contributed to wage inequality, although the effect is small relative to other forces, such as technology and trade. Peri similarly concludes that immigration has had little effect on poverty rates in the United States.

Language skills have long been recognized as a major factor in understanding differences between natives and immigrants, and several recent NBER working papers explore the impacts of language ability among immigrants.

Jennifer Hunt finds that the lack of English language skills accounts for most of the pay gap between natives and immigrants with an undergraduate degree in engineering.

Ethan Lewis shows that differences in language skills lead to a segmentation of the occupations held by immigrants and natives.

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The segmentation is most apparent in cities with large fractions of Spanish speakers. In the extreme case of Puerto Rico, Lewis finds that immigrants and natives are in much more direct labor market competition.

Gender Members of the LS program have played a preeminent role in research on gender-related issues for many decades.[ Pages Report] The large format display market was valued at USD Billion in and is expected to reach USD Billion by , at a CAGR of % between and The base year used for this Objectives of the Large Format Display Market study: The value chain of the market.

Market segmentation research papers

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