Management assignment 4

Print Overview It is now time to prepare a work breakdown structure WBS --creating a task hierarchy describing all work necessary for carrying out and completing project work. This assignment spans Weeks 5 and 6 Submittal:

Management assignment 4

Unit 4 Management and Operations Assignment Unit 4 Management and Operations Assignment Introduction The report has been prepared in context of the role of managers and leaders in the organization which helps the company in the improvement of the production efficiency and development of the high quality products.

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The report includes the study on Toyota Plc, a Japanese company dealing in the automobile sector. The report included the functions of managers and the role of leaders in those functions in order to get the work done from the employees in an efficient manner.

The importance of the theories of management and styles of leadership has been explained in the context of the operations management of Toyota Plc. Define and compare the different roles and characteristics of a modern leader and a manager in context of Toyota Plc.

Managers are the persons in an organization who design and manage the work of an organization in the direction of the pre-determined goals Management assignment 4 objective of the company.

For the successful accomplishment of the objectives, the task of the managers is to develop and establish the relevant strategies and policies and to plan the working of the staff and the employees with the aim that they perform their respective tasks in accordance to the objectives.

The managers are distributed on various levels in an organization in order to manage the tasks in the different departments. Leaders are the people who get the work done from the employees concerning the goals of the company. The leaders play an important role in motivating the employees through their leadership and communication skills and inherent in them the vision of the organization.

They make the employees work in a manner to achieve the objectives. Differences between the managers and leaders Often the roles of managers and leaders are considered as interchangeable, but their lies a difference between the functions which are performed by the managers and the leaders in order to get the employees work for the organization.

Managers Managers set the objectives of the company.

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Leaders persuade the objectives developed by the managers. Managers communicate the policies to the leaders. Leaders communicate and influence the employees to work as per the policies.

Managers give direction to the groups.

Management assignment 4

Leaders provide directions in team. Managers create the ideas for the betterment of the organization.

Management assignment 4

Leaders play the role of implementing those ideas into reality. Managers focus on things.

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The major role of managers is planning in the organization. While the role of leaders is to inspire the employees to work. Managers direct the work to the employees. Leaders motivate the employees to work. In Toyota Plc, a Japanese company dealing the business in the automobile industry and is engaged in the business of activities consisting the manufacture, assembly, designing and sale of the passenger cars in the countries like Japan, Europe, Asia and North America.

The management of the company is efficient that the strategies developed by the organizations lead to increase in the productivity. The role of the managers are differentiated in an effective manner with that of the role of leaders in the company.

The functions of managers and the role of leaders in the organization are as follows: The important function of managers of Toyota Plc is to plan and set the goals of the company that complies to increase the revenues and sales of the cars.

The strategies prepared by Toyota Plc regarding the goals of company include KAIZEN which contributes in the continuous improvement in the production process to develop efficiency in product.

The role of the leaders in Toyota Plc is to communicate these roles set by the managers to the employees and focus the effort of the employees in the accomplishment of these goals and objectives.View Homework Help - Assignment 4 from BUSINESS A at Strayer University, Washington. Assignment 4: Leadership Management and Leadership Consultant Analysis Simantha M.

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