Journalist writing about petraeus jill

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The investigation that led CIA Director David Petraeus to resign and ultimately plead guilty to a criminal charge of mishandling classified information also uncovered evidence that he discussed highly classified information with journalists, according to a court document obtained Tuesday by POLITICO. POLITICO first asked for the search warrant records last year after Petraeus pled guilty and renewed the request earlier this year when Army officials indicated all investigations into the matter were concluded. The messages seemed to indicate a familiarity with the movements and schedules of senior military leaders, including Petraeus. The ensuing investigation exposed the affair between Petraeus and Broadwell, as well as the fact that the celebrated U.

Journalist writing about petraeus jill

Events leading to Petraeus resignation Whatever happened that night -- and the only on-the-record account we have insists nothing untoward occurred -- by the time the proverbial check had been paid, four careers and reputations had been damaged.

One of the other two so sullied, Jill Kelley -- often referenced in the media as a "Tampa socialite" -- on Thursday dropped her case against the U. Monday, however, privacy concerns notwithstanding, Kelley reveals in a new book some of the most intimate details and allegations about the scandal that helped lead to the premature retirements of then-CIA Director David Petraeus and Marine Gen.

The allegation by Broadwell that Kelley intimately fondled Petraeus under the table at that restaurant on Easter weekend four years ago.

Kelley denies it all, and begins the book with a lengthy insistence that she has always been faithful to her husband and has never "acted inappropriately. A source familiar with the law enforcement investigation confirms that Petraeus did tell the FBI that inappropriate and intimate fondling took place -- and that it was mutual for both Petraeus and Kelley.


Neither Petraeus nor Broadwell responded to a request for on-the-record comment. As evidence of the innocence of it all, she notes that Holly Petraeus and Dr. Scott Kelley were also often included in the correspondence; Kelley says the email address she uses is shared by her and her husband.

On May 11,their relationship and the world she had constructed for herself all would begin crashing down. Allen was alarmed by a message he received from a weird email address -- Kelleypatrol gmail. Perhaps a bit tipsy, David got a little enthusiastic comparing our quads.

Leaning toward me, David sloppily spilled wine on my dress. But no need to apologize for spilling your drink on me, Bond. Events set in motion Whatever happened under that Four Seasons table appears to have set in motion events that would have an impact on the world, from the Pentagon to Kabul.

Because the email from Broadwell to Allen was just the first of many.

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They also say Petraeus told Broadwell that Kelley would "ruin him" in Washington if he tried to push her away. This one was from tampa. Her continued inappropriate and suggestive behavior will otherwise become an embarrassment to all.

This info genuinely shared and I hope that such embarrassment for all, including spouses, such as info in national headlines, maybe averted. Someone behaving strangely knew about the comings and goings of senior military officials. So Kelley alerted the FBI, which began investigating.

Kelley says the remark was more innocent than it sounds.

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She and her husband had been having drinks with Harward in Tampa. While we were talking about competitive swimming I cracked a joke: Everyone knew what the heck I was talking about in the moment. Of more importance than the extramarital relationship was the revelation that he had allowed his biographer and extramarital partner access to confidential information.

The ending Last April, Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials by allowing Broadwell access to eight personal notebooks that included, among other classified matters, the identities of covert officers. Agents concluded, law enforcement sources tell CNN, that Broadwell posed no threat to Kelley or anyone else.

In the summer and fall ofPetraeus urged Kelley several times to tell the FBI that she was no longer interested in pursuing a case, Kelley writes.Nov 09,  · Dishing out spicy liberal social commentary and critical thinking news analysis on America, world politics, the news, fun political humor, cartoons - and a little poetry by Independent journalist blogger Denny Lyon.

At a Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press reception last year, a journalist asked former Attorney General Eric Holder to justify why Petraeus did not face felony charges in the case.

The Petraeus scandal is a series of events that garnered the twin sister of Jill (Khawam) Kelley, in a civilian child custody dispute by writing to the Superior The United States Department of Justice also informed the White House Counsel about General Allen's correspondence with Jill Kelley.

On November 7, , Petraeus tendered his. Paula Dean Broadwell (née Kranz; born November 9, ) is an American writer, academic and former military served in the US Army on active and reserve duty for over 20 years, with academic and intelligence experience in over 70 countries.

journalist writing about petraeus jill

In , she co-authored, with Vernon Loeb, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, a biography of then International Security. Paula Broadwell is a journalist and the author, with Vernon Loeb, of “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” a favorable biography.

An FBI investigation of apparently harassing emails sent to Jill Kelley of Tampa, Fla., revealed that the sender, Broadwell, had an affair with Petraeus. Nine journalists have been issued subpoenas as part of a lawsuit over the Obama administration investigation that led to the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus.

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