Film analysis of the movie fight club

View All Photos 4 Movie Info In this darkly comic drama, Edward Norton stars as a depressed young man named in the credits only as "Narrator" who has become a small cog in the world of big business.

Film analysis of the movie fight club

Efforts to discredit my theory typically consist of the following highly predictable and easily dismissible claims.

Film analysis of the movie fight club

Click each weak argument below to see why it is wrong. New claims will be posted and debunked as they are received.

Film analysis of the movie fight club

Hole 2 - That didn't happen in the book! It is important to remember that the book has virtually nothing to do with the film. The Shining is a perfect example of this.

This is par for the course when a great director is making a film adaptation. The number of times I have had to explain this to grown adults is absolutely heart breaking.

For this reason no comparisons will be drawn in my evidence between the film and the book, since they are unrelated. Hole 3 - So it was all a dream? Making the whole point of the film null and void.

Denier, meet script… Hole 5 - You know there's a sequel, right? Hole 6 - Everything Else Everything else: This includes the people in support groups, the members of Project Mayhem and so forth. This is not a radical idea in the least and I will illustrate why. We know for a fact Jack is crazy enough to manufacture at least one person, why would he stop there?

That being said, look at the evidence below and decide for yourself. Fincher offers us clever, subtle hints that Tyler and Marla are the same person as Jack. Jack the narratorplayed by Edward Norton is seen gradually looking more like Marla up until the final scene where we see the silhouettes of the two standing together, holding hands.

From the back, it is virtually impossible to tell who is who. Unless Jack is with Marla or Tyler their reflection or image will not appear.

When they both walk by, neither of them has a reflection. The mirror is facing the camera and should show the reflection of the two walking by, but the only reflections we see are of the paramedics running past Marla and Tyler in the same exact spot where they had been walking.

This is clearly the case in the final scene of the movie where Jack is fighting Tyler in the parking garage. The film cuts to the security cameras in the parking garage which Jack never saw, just like he never saw the scene where Tyler saves Marla and we can see that Tyler is not visible, since he does not exist.

The reason we see that Tyler and Marla have reflections in other scenes e. In the scene where Tyler goes to save Marla, Jack is supposedly not there, meaning Tyler and Marla are not actually being observed except by us.

We are not watching Tyler save Marla in this scene, we are watching Jack leave the hotel completely alone, yelling at the paramedics franticly about how Marla is infectious human waste hence the use of the 3rd person when Marla is yelling at the paramedics.

This is just like at the end of the movie where we see the security footage from the garage. We see it is just Jack fighting himself alone, because Jack did not see the footage, we are just supposed to be imagining seeing it. In the second slide you can see Marla and Tyler coming around the corner, directly in the line of the view of the mirror — and all we see is the reflection of the box on the opposite wall even though the mirror is pointed TOWARDS them.

In the 3rd screenshot they still have no reflection even though the paramedics, who are now behind them, have a reflection. She then walks to the vintage clothing store and sells them.

How did Marla know those clothes were in there? This would make perfect sense since Marla is seen selling her clothes at a vintage consignment store, which is for all intents and purposes the same exact thing as a thrift store.

Fincher did not accidentally create this sequence, it was very carefully planned. Everything we saw Tyler do, Jack was actually doing or imagining himself watching.

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This ties in heavily with my timeline theory. At the end of the film we watch Jack run around frantically, without pants, after he has decided he wants Marla instead of Tyler and Project Mayhem.

He has abandoned his masculinity entirely and is either accepting his emasculated self or is literally becoming a woman, depending on how you interpret the film.

This culminates in the final scene where we see the mirror image of Marla and Jack holding hands. Jack creates Bob, then Marla, then Tyler, then finally betrays Bob and Tyler to accept his place as Marla notice how Bob and Tyler both die the exact same way: Did you ever notice what happened immediately before Tyler shows up?The ending of Fight Club the novel is grimmer and hopeless, a finale that ties up the book’s themes in a way that the film doesn’t.

Those thematic loose ends lead the film to be sort of. Fight Club Film Analysis This Essay Fight Club Film Analysis and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • January 20, • Essay • Words (3 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

Oct 15,  · "Fight Club" is the most frankly and cheerfully fascist big-star movie since "Death Wish," a celebration of violence in which the heroes write themselves a license to drink, smoke, screw and beat one another up.2/5. Fight Club (Film) Questions and Answers.

The Question and Answer section for Fight Club (Film) is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Fight Club is jam packed with shots like these, giving Fincher’s violent art movie a kinetic visual energy that, even in , is staggering. The camera is a character of its own, liberated and playful, twisting our attention sometimes where it doesn’t want to go. Fight Club Movie Analysis Essay Words Mar 29th, 7 Pages Kory Weener Film Review 2 Fight Club is a psychoanalytical film that addresses the themes of identification, freedom and violence.

Jack Durden Fight Club Movie Analysis Explained (Are Bob, Marla and Project Mayhem Real?)