Diversity in a global organization

The Y is made up of people of all ages and from every walk of life working side by side to strengthen communities. Together we work to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, age, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, ideology, income, national origin, race or sexual orientation has the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity.

Diversity in a global organization

A new era of diversity management is upon us. Globalization has transformed society, economics and politics, greatly influencing demographics within the workplace. A multi-cultural, global workforce symbolizes a new way of thinking about diversity and inclusion efforts.

Whether it is linked with race and civil rights in the U. For many organizations, the definition of global diversity should encompass an understanding of the differences between countries as well as the internal diversity of each country.

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Support from top management and clearly communicating the business case for diversity and inclusion practices are also important. A diverse workforce alone does not equate to a successful global diversity management program.

Inclusion programs and initiatives that bring a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity to differences often provide employees with tools to overcome the potential challenges associated with diverse, global teams. With a shared mission and common set of values, diverse teams can develop better, more robust ideas and processes based on a variety of viewpoints.

And, with increased levels of innovation and an ability to attract toplevel talent, global diversity is a competitive edge.

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In addition, Fortune companies with three or more women on their board of directors had better financial performances than those with two or fewer, according to a study from Catalyst.

Clearly, a global perspective in diversity and inclusion management is an economic imperative. So, what can a global organization do with diversity dynamics changing so rapidly?

Diversity in a global organization

Here are some suggestions. To avoid any business consequences of an improperly managed diverse workforce, focus on inclusive efforts within an organization.

Once the culture of an organization shifts from a narrowly defined identity to one of cultural inclusiveness, a sustainable and successful model of global diversity is achieved.

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Dr Hari D Upadhyaya from ICRISAT, India, has received the global Legacy Award, along with six other scientists, for exceptional contribution through his life’s work on the preservation of crop diversity.

Quick facts. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, 21 May, promotes intercultural dialogue, inclusion and cooperation for .

Finding ways to effectively lead diversity efforts is often seen as the grand challenge for today's leaders, particularly when you consider the complexity of a global workforce.

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Diversity in a global organization

At Mattel Everyone Plays. For us, this is serious business. It is a guiding principle for our global business approach to diversity and inclusion.

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